“Breathing Freely Without A Care. Now You’ve Entered The Genius Lair.”

William Martino


The Heart Sutra

Emotional Hygiene

The Enlightenment Coach

The Knowledge Read By Author

The Shift: Qigong Explained Simply

Spirit Touch: The Masteries In Meditation

The Tao Te Ching: A Poetic Translation From The Chinese

Stress Less

Dragon Thunder

Tai Chi Harmony

The Cosmic Fire Audio

Recognizing Depression

Love And Sex: A Match Made In Heaven...

Geniuses Don't Think; Thinking Happens

Essence Of Chi


Inner Nectar

Concise Lessons In Chi Power

Internal Pharmachology Audio

Our Journey Audio

Graphs And Charts

A Memmo From God

Magnetism: The King Of All Secrets

A Brief History Of The Biofield

Spiritual Magnetism

Yogananda On Meditation

The Great Light Of God P.Y. No

Tai Ching


Thought/No Breath


Hold On - Give it a Chance

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