The Cosmic Fire

The Cosmic Fire, where all returns, has touched my soul.
Impurities burn.
Living fire, inspirations best

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Who are you?
Just a mortal body confined ?
A worried mind?
Within is boundless truth, miraculous fruit.
Ambrosial taste that does not cease.
Contented bliss,

Eternal peace.
− A gentle nod, admit it’s true,
Pure Spirit is You.
Find This first, then feel the peace,
The spiritual bloom of our human seeds.

The solution has always been In a secret kingdom deep within.
From dark to light, disease to health
Clear your mind now listen well.
There’s more to us than this bag of bones,
You’ve always known.
Happy endings do come true…
When your ready go on to part two-

The Cosmic Fire – Part 2


May I give a gift to you?
Ecstatic conception ignites;
Birthing life.
If you want help
Find your way
Listen to what real sages say.
People who bless with a glance…

A once in a lifetime chance.
Reverse the search,
Find the time:
You may ask-How can we rest with unpaid bills?
Duties unmet Left unfilled?
The greater the challenge
The more the need
To center within and clear the weeds.
Past and future
Are not here
Why do we insist on keeping them near?
Do we hold on to ills for the attention they create?
Better it is a Heaven to make.
After all one person has caused history to change
Your puzzle piece remains.
Unwritten pages yet unstained.
From such questions ween…
First get behind the screen…

The Cosmic Fire – Part 2


This magic garden place
The safe space…


Grace does brush the canvas of our lives…
again and again
unto the prize.
Nowhere to go, not much to say
This is the way.
The one you’ve sought has been right here
Where else are things made clear?

May I ask what is this prize you seek?
Isn’t it to- “Fulfill my needs?
” Washing waves Suspended time
Soul enshrined…
Rest your mind…


This is the moment of History Annals
Heart transferring through the bodies channels.
Notice the nerve chords?
Breathing freely
Without a care
We now live in The Genius’s Lair

This place of rarefied air.

The life of soul.
From whence we’ve come we all will go.
Bow with me-

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