The Real You

Have you ever felt a change in atmosphere during some exhilarating moment. The very air within and around our bodies has a different feel to it.

Interestingly, the origin of the word Spirit is air and breath. We hear reports of Yogis and all sorts of masters experiencing inner winds, waters, oils and fires. Have you ever felt an inner healing feeling that has the sense of warmth and magnetism to it? Let’s take a moment to initiate the feeling of a good presence right now as you read this article. Willingness is the only necessity.

Is there a change of atmosphere in your space that you feel within and around your body? Even in the least degree? Can you feel the right vibe coming through?


Say Yes

We each have the ability to transform apparent curses into blessings; negatives to positives. Are their limits to this action of self inquiring transformation? No, I’ve never heard of a limitation as to how much love we can discover within our very own selves and how powerfully this love can affect us. Actually, the masters of life advise us that our potential is literally unlimited.

 Can we really accept the statement that we are the stuff of stars that Divinity is living within us asking us to be a vessel to flow through us? The admonition to the child is you can be anything you want to. Do you and I still have this creative potential? 

 Our negative's can become positives. It’s just the disciplined

progression of personal metamorphosis that can be a bit tricky. We are asked to get concentrated and on track right now. We do not always want to give up our nervousness; to let go and trust beyond what we can see. The funny thing is enlightened consciousness remains in us no matter what our choices. Unbounded love and power exists in us, forever, and we are sovereign in our ability to perceive it. In each mind, every emotion and body there is the pure energy that animates all life. It is this core thread of creation that emanates the impulse of life itself. One moment of this recognition is enough to heal a life completely. The sun and rain touch the lives of every person good or bad. In the same way our common inner Source is ever present willing to touch our lives if we allow. How about right now, right here?

What If

If not the person on the phone or in our meetings then where and when? It is practice in ordinary moments that gives us the skill to do our jobs better and better and better. Support is natural when you get in the right state of mind and here, through this program you are given the tools you need to build your inner quality of feeling from the inside/out.Being pioneers in our daily lives simply means to apply ourselves to the task at hand and do it well. Just this alone makes us a team player. We mustn’t be depressed nor self isolated. Smell the air; let the sun, sky and universe in. We all walk together as one great soul discovering itself. Once we are simply overflowing with good energy we naturally want to share and it’s in the simple things that such great energy is best invested.Servant hood is the crown of human achievement and through these simple steps you can find the way and means to have more than enough energy to not only get the job done but to make progress as well.We mustn’t wait for something mystical to happen to have more faith, rather, have more faith first.

Right Now

Wellness in no way leads to flightiness, escapism nor grandiosity. Rather, it’s with this kind of beautiful ‘vibe’ that people are remade and charged with the breath of the Divine. Do you want to be re-made? Would you like a new lease on life? Do you need an energy infusion? All these blessings continually flow from Wellness. Union herein deposits the power to make changes happen. Great and positive actions naturally flow from such an empowered person. If you release the ‘outer’ and refine the ‘inner’ then the ‘outer’ will be able to accomplish what you seek. We must not compulsively search for external solutions to internal problems. The way this happens is first for a flash of time. We experience a moment of focus and learn more about ourselves and the effective means necessary to meet the need present in the moment. Our practice is to extend these flashes into moments and moments into minutes and minutes into hours in intensive situations.

Hold On - Give it a Chance

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