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If not the person on the phone or in our meetings then where and when? It is practice in ordinary moments that gives us the skill to do our jobs better and better and better. Support is natural when you get in the right state of mind and here, through this program you are given the tools you need to build your inner quality of feeling from the inside/out.Being pioneers in our daily lives simply means to apply ourselves to the task at hand and do it well. Just this alone makes us a team player. We mustn’t be depressed nor self isolated. Smell the air; let the sun, sky and universe in. We all walk together as one great soul discovering itself. Once we are simply overflowing with good energy we naturally want to share and it’s in the simple things that such great energy is best invested.Servant hood is the crown of human achievement and through these simple steps you can find the way and means to have more than enough energy to not only get the job done but to make progress as well.We mustn’t wait for something mystical to happen to have more faith, rather, have more faith first.


Training MMA Fighters

Inner and Outer Results

Why is it that all of the enlightenment pathways talk about an incredible contentment, satisfaction and happiness that comes along with spiritual maturity. The texts and ‘masters’ clearly share with us that the good vibe is the power that changes lives and creates the ordinary ‘miracle’ of a life transformed. it is not some silly or entrapping emotion. Rather genuine loving feeling is great power. Think of when you feel supported, given grace and guided. That’s like being loved right? Feeeeeel it now.

The Olympian just before action

Remember what the Olympian does just before action?

They take a few breaths and balance themselves. In fact, all successful people have this habit repeating. Some people seem to tap into and absorb a wellspring of life power on a moments notice. Now that is resourcefulness. Can you do it?

Becoming a totally new and different person; improved, is the greatest adventure of life. Perpetual self reinvention and adaptation is your only chance to keep meeting the inner circumstance to resolve outer issues.

Note: The only species that survive in nature are those that self-reinvent.

But, if you are ever attempting to keep out the information that is being presented to you then you have no material with which to design the better you.

Only boring, endless repetition can develop true skill. The main devotion of your life must be the inner world otherwise your outer world with just repeat the same problems.


The art and science of splitting time.

8 hours in a quarter second.

That was the experience in the movie Contact. The character experienced 8 hours of full memories yet the other people had only a quarter of a second passed by.

You need to slow down right now and balance yourself.

Discharge toxic stress and absorb energy to yourself.

If you learn how to slow down your sense of time you will naturally center yourself and be able to get more done.

There was another movie that showed forth this reality of slowing down time. In the movie interstellar the physics proven phenomena of time dilation was represented. This group went down to a planet for a few hours then the person in orbit above experienced 23 years while the others were gone for a little over 3 hours. If you can slow down your experience of time you will see a lot more options for leverage. Just the right action at the right time could have a wonderful result for your entire life.

There are various theories as to why time seems to move briskly as we age. The one that makes the most sense is that when we’re young, we encounter a lot of “firsts,” such as our first sleepover, our first kiss, our first love, our first day of college, or getting our first car. Each “first” is fascinating because we pay attention to each unique detail of the event. The more detailed our recollections, the better we remember them. When we’ve lived similar experiences over and over again, time tends to go more quickly.

Similarly, when we’re on vacation, the first few days seem to fly by. Then, all of a sudden, it feels as if the vacation takes a huge leap in time and starts moving much more swiftly. Before we know it, it’s time to return home. This is because things become more familiar during the latter part of the trip.

Neuropsychologist David Eagelman, who studies time perception, calls time “a rubbery thing” that changes based upon where we are and our mental engagement with our experience. The more engaged we are with our experience, the longer it lasts. In other words, time slows down if we pay attention, because we tend to notice more.

Here are some writing prompts to slow down time:

  • Write about special highlights of the past year.
  • Write about any recent births or deaths that impacted you.
  • Write about some accomplishments that you’re proud of.
  • Write a letter of gratitude to someone who did something kind.
  • Write about a new passion.
  • Write about any positive transitions or transformations.


Eagleman, D. M. (Doctor of management) (2009). “Brain Time.” In What’s Next? Dispatches on the Future of Science. Ed. M. Brockman. New York, NY: Vintage

David Eagleman, bestselling author, is an American neuroscientist, author, and science communicator. He teaches as an adjunct professor at Stanford University and is CEO of NeoSensory, a company that develops devices for sensory substitution.

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